The SMT Scharf Group is a global technology leader for rail-bound monorails and floor-mounted rails used in underground mining.

The Scharf brand is known for its high-quality machines and reliability. Our solutions are the first choice when it comes to complying with high safety standards, especially in difficult geological environments. As a niche world market leader, we have a high market share and are internationally established, having installed 34% of the monorail transport systems worldwide.

We are seeing a strong potential for medium-term growth and are currently focusing future development on foreign growth markets, such as China, Russia and South America. SMT Scharf has its own subsidiaries in six countries and numerous global distributors through which we can offer optimal services to our customers worldwide.

As a strategically logical addition to our core expertise in monorail transport systems for complex mining needs, we have expanded the Scharf brand product portfolio to include machines for tunnel construction. To further broaden our position in the field of transport solutions, we will be focusing more heavily on supplying complete transport systems. This organic addition to our portfolio will allow us to continue to build up and establish the company on an international level.