SMT Scharf GmbH Germany

At our site in Hamm more than 150 qualified employees, comprehensive know-how and state of the art machinery
guarantee punctual delivery of the highest quality products.

High flexibility, controlled processes, short delivery time and reliable customer service distinguish our company.

Before shipment, all our products have to pass meticulous quality checks.SMT Scharf GmbH in Hamm has an adjustable testing ramp unique in the world with gradients varying up to 40 degrees.
On the ramp and the test circuit all monorails can be tested under realistic conditions.

The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees consistently high quality.

Competence and quality from Germany.
Development, production, sales, customer service and quality assurance: All elements to provide solutions for mining transport recognised worldwide!


Road to the factory

SMT Scharf GmbH
Römerstrasse 104
59075 Hamm

Phone:+49 (2381) 960 01
Telefax:+49 (2381) 960 230