Business Model

SMT Scharf develops, constructs and maintains transport technology for moving people and payloads in the mining and tunnel construction sectors.
Our main product group consists of rail-bound transport systems in both monorail and floor-mounted configurations. Also part of our portfolio are chairlift systems for both the coal mining sector as well as the non-coal sector. We also provide support to our customers in developing and installing rail and cable guidance systems. These are needed for supplying power to the transport equipment and machinery.

We offer our customers turnkey transport solutions from a single source. Our rail systems are used mainly in underground coal and ore mining, transporting payloads of up to 48 tons and climbing gradients up to 35 degrees. With our fast global service, we are never far from our customers and can provide support from anywhere.

As a specialized machine construction company, we benefit from our 75 years of experience. We have decisive competitive advantages on the market through our large-scale and feasible transport services, low operating and maintenance costs as well as the high stability and quality of our systems.

The SMT Scharf Group has subsidiaries in six countries as well as a network of global distributors. The greatest sales volumes can be achieved in the growing foreign markets of China, Russia and South Africa. The spare part and repair service has a special significance because it makes up roughly 50% of overall sales.