Ad-hoc-announcements (Archive)

Ad-hoc- announcements 2019
07.10.2019 SMT Scharf AG adjusts forecast for the 2019 fiscal year
13.08.2019 Amendment to valuation guidelines for inventories in the 2019 consolidated financial statements
07.08.2019 SMT Scharf AG reviews acquisition of significant assets from the Mühlhäuser Group
04.04.2019 SMT Scharf AG acquires majority interest in electronics specialist
27.03.2019 SMT Scharf AG examines investment in electronics specialist

Ad-hoc- announcements 2018
12.03.2018 Changes to the Managing Board of SMT Scharf AG
08.03.2018 SMT Scharf AG adjusts 2016 financial result, exceeds expectations for 2017 and releases positive guidance for 2018

07.02.2018 SMT Scharf AG takes over Canadian mining specialist RDH Mining Equipment

Ad-hoc- announcements 2017
09.11.2017 SMT Scharf AG raises revenue and EBIT forecasts for FY 2017
07.11.2017, 11:45 a.m. SMT Scharf AG reports successful capital increase

06.11.2017, 6:00 p.m. SMT Scharf AG approves capital increase excluding subscription rates

07.09.2017 SMT Scharf AG announces change at Supervisory Board level

Ad-hoc- announcements 2016
20.09.2016 SMT Scharf concludes cooperation agreement with Mühlhäuser

25.08.2016 SMT Scharf AG takes over drive technology specialist

Ad-hoc- announcements 2015
23.07.2015 SMT Scharf AG announces further change to Managing Board / additional requirement for impairment losses results in adjusted forecast

17.06.2015 Changes to Managing and Supervisory boards of SMT Scharf AG

04.03.2015 Voluntary public share repurchase offer by SMT Scharf AG

Ad-hoc- announcements 2014
31.07.2014 SMT Scharf AG lowers profit forecast for 2014 – sales forecast remains unchanged

07.05.2014 SMT Scharf AG: Personnel changes in the Supervisory Board
29.04.2014 SMT Scharf AG lowers 2014 revenue forecast – preliminary Q1 2014 revenue and new order intake figures down significantly year-on-year

13.02.2014 SMT Scharf AG reports fall in revenue and order intake

Ad-hoc- announcements 2013
02.10.2013 Mine explosion in Russia affects SMT Scharf AG trains
07.05.2013 SMT Scharf AG sells interest in Dosco Holdings Ltd.

Ad-hoc- announcements 2012
08.02.2012 Change in Managing Board of SMT Scharf AG
06.12.2012 SMT Scharf AG achieves significant increase in revenue and earnings in 2011, and proposes € 0.95 dividend

Ad-hoc- announcements 2010
04.05.2010 SMT Scharf AG acquires two suppliers of mining equipment from Billington Holdings plc

Ad-hoc- announcements 2009
  07.10.2009 SMT Scharf AG starts off-market share buy-back
  02.10.2009 SMT Scharf AG restructures subsidiary in Germany’s Saarland region
  15.05.2009 SMT Scharf AG announces share buy-back program
  03.02.2009 SMT Scharf AG presents preliminary figures for 2008and proposes dividend of € 0.85

Ad-hoc- announcements 2008
  07.11.2008 SMT Scharf AG publishes Q3 2008 figures
  23.01.2008 Substantial increase in profits in 2007 proposed dividend

Ad-hoc- announcements 2007
  14.05.2007 SMT Scharf AG expects increase of revenues and profit for 2007
  03.04.2007 Placement price