Corporate News

Corporate News 2020

19.08.2020 SMT Scharf AG enters into partnership with Polymetal to develop underground electric vehicles (EVs)

14.08.2020 SMT Scharf AG: Business in H1 2020 remains significantly burdened by coronavirus

26.05.2020 SMT Scharf AG successfully holds first virtual AGM

14.05.2020 SMT Scharf AG: Business in Q1/2020 burdened significantly by coronavirus

30.03.2020 SMT Scharf AG significantly increases revenues and earnings in 2019 thanks to strong business in China

20.03.2020 SMT Scharf AG postpones publication of its 2019 financial statements

27.02.2020 SMT exceeds FY 2019 revenue and earnings forecasts thanks to unexpectedly strong business in China