Coal Mining

SMT Scharf continues to sell most of its products to operators of underground hard coal mines across the globe. In longwall mining, materials are mined in horizontal walls of considerable length – SMT Scharf’s rail transport systems are most frequently deployed here. SMT Scharf has undergone significant internationalisation in recent years and has focused on the major producer countries worldwide. In the foreseeable future, the energy demands of major emerging economies will still need to be covered by coal. Consequently, mine operators’ demand for our products will continue over the coming decades. Around 95 percent of our sales revenues today are generated on foreign markets.
At present, Poland ranks as the most important European market and is regarded as particularly attractive given its above-average economic growth by European comparison, combined with a high longwall share for SMT Scharf. Furthermore, the most important markets for our rail systems and services are Russia, where the largest number of installed rail systems are located, and China, which offers the greatest future sales potential due to its enormous size. South Africa offers a bridgehead for sub-Saharan Africa, where we are the market leader for chairlifts in hard-rock mining (non-coalmining), and anticipate a growing rail business.