The production of metals such as gold, platinum, copper, nickel and other raw materials such as salts is aggregated within the “Non-coal mining”  segment. Here, too, we deliver exclusively to underground mine operators. As easily tapped deposits in the hard rock mining area are also becoming increasingly exhausted, a growing market exists for SMT Scharf products which are deployed underground. In contrast to coal mines, however, no expensive explosion protection is required in the mining of metals, thereby allowing electric locomotives to replace diesel locomotives. Hard rock mining is varied and distributed globally: the world’s largest platinum deposits are situated in South Africa. Russia is regarded as a leading producer country of nickel. Many copper mines are situated in South America’s Andean nations and in Australia. We identify a number of opportunities to  expand the business with mine operators beyond coal to form a second business pillar: We are partly tapping new geographic markets that are less relevant in coal mining, and reducing dependency on coal mine operators’ investment cycles. We are aiming for organic growth in this area.