Coal and ore mining as well as tunnel construction work place high demands on transport equipment. For mining or tunneling operations to run efficiently, workers, material and other loads must be transported quickly and safely, regardless of difficult conditions, such as dramatically changing gradients, dust, etc.

SMT Scharf offers optimal transport solutions in the premium segment for mining operations and tunnel construction. Regardless of whether people or materials are to be transported: To ensure optimal transport times and routes in various areas, factors such as machine quality, high performance and safety play a key role.

While wheeled transport machines quickly reach their limits on steep gradients, the rail systems from SMT Scharf can easily make it. They are certified for gradients up to 35 degrees and can transport loads of up to 48 tons.
Our solutions have proven to be particularly flexible in the process. For example, an optional gear drive can be connected to our monorail transport systems.

This configuration enables mining deposits in extreme geological environments to be accessed efficiently and economically. No other transport equipment manufacturer offers comparable flexibility, quality and service life when it comes to transport systems for mining and tunnel construction. Moreover, we stand out from our competitors by developing innovative solutions for extraordinary requirements.

We have distributors in all of the world’s most important mining regions and can additionally guarantee rapid support with regard to maintenance work and spare parts delivery.