Industial Monorail System (IMS)

The IMS was used for the first time in 1998 for the construction of a power supply tunnel of BEWAG in Berlin.
After completion of the tunnel the IMS has been used as transport, maintenance, rescue, and fire fighting vehicle.
The IMS can be manually operated or radio remote-controlled and is able to reach any tunnel section within a short time.


Technical data Industrial Monorail System (IMS)

Length3,100 mm
Width700 mm
Height2,200 mm
Weight1484 kg
Max. payload500 kg
Tractive force5 kN
Installed power3.6 kW
Material of cabinaluminum
Battery capacity480 Ah
Voltage24 VDC
Speed2.2 m/s
Vertical radius of curve6 m
Gradient at
2700 kg, 2.2 m/s
2700 kg, 1.0 m/s12°


  • Control panel at both ends of the vehicle
  • Radio remote control incl. video monitoring system from a central control panel
  • Transmission of signals via leaky feeder
  • Two independent control panels
  • “Dead man’s control”
  • Overspeed monitoring
  • Fail-safe emergency and stop brakes at each engine
  • Two independent electric drive units
  • Redundant controls
  • Drive control and brakes are coupled
  • Bumper at both ends of the vehicles prestart warning
  • Electrical door monitoring
  • Red/white light, switched automatically as a function of the travel direction
  • Travel direction selected
  • Automatic speed reduction in the mine shaft areas
  • Control panels lockable
  • On-board battery charging by charging plug or automatic charging station
  • Electrolyte swirl system
  • Total discharge protection