Rope-driven rail systems

In addition to overhead monorail transport systems the product line of SMT Scharf also includes floor-mounted rail systems of 500 and 800mm gauge width.
These systems offer advantages for extreme gradients up
to 35 degrees and for heavy loads of up to 30 t.
The train system is made up of brake cars and transport cars.
It is guided on the easily mounted racks without the risk of derailing.
Scharf floor-mounted rail systems have been used successfully for decades for the transport of men and material.
They offer the following advantages:

  • rails are easily laid on the floor
  • no load applied to the support
  • rails are easily installed and removed
  • high payload
  • captive guidance
  • reliable safety brake systems
  • extreme low-profile design
  • adaptable to the requirements and conditions of the mining industry
  • high travelling speed up to 4 m/s
  • one-rope or two-rope operation feasible